Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I Want Monkey ......。◕‿◕。

hehe... rase lawak plak nk cite..di pendekkn la ea,My cousin just got back from Sabah and he bought me Orang Utan.. but i want MONkey,bcoz ia akan ingatkn my yeobo hyukie..

kata nya kat sana monyet xde.. yang ade orang utan... hahaha..
Ape2 pun thanks ar to my cousin.. Gomawo.

Super junior's chilhood

Omo~~ cute sangat.. xpecially Eunhyuk.. hehe

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

my All iS iN Y0u

Even though I know that our parting is approaching,
Because you’re leaving I hold my breath..
When I smile without realizing it. Am I passing us by,
Even though I’m pretending to smile without knowing why..
In truth i want to cry. You look into my eyes
It seems love is ending like this ,before I know it
Our parting is approaching,you say “goodbye” to me,
Letting you go is still difficult,please give me a little more time.

I can’t live without u, my all is in you,
If I say goodbye first,then you’ll expect that I’m letting you go first
Even though in your stare,which has changed since before,
There’s no longer any love, I’m okay
Time is slowly ticking by and my mouth runs dry. I’m looking at you anxiously
I’m nervous and pacing. I’m afraid you’re going to say goodbye
Even without me u can smile, our love has already run out
Eventually u say your goodbye, give me some time.

Before I know it our parting is approaching, u say “goodbye”
I still can’t let go of the one person who means so much to me

I can’t live without u, my all is in you……..

Saturday, 2 April 2011

SUper Juni0r Sub-Unit..........

                                                                     Super Junior

                                                                Super Junior M

                                                               Super Junior-K.R.Y

                                                              Super Junior-Happy

                                                                  Super Junior-T

Super JUnior M - Hong Kong Asian Music Festival Perfecti0n Ver. 1

Super Junior MV - Thank You

Friday, 1 April 2011

♥ N0 OthER ♥ ( Eng )

( ChOrus Part )
 There's No other like you
 When i looked around
 They're all just the same
 where can i find a good person like you
 A good heart like you
 A good gift like you....